Yoga for kids

People are becoming increasingly more aware of the many benefits of yoga on health. Not only is yoga a great way to tone the body, improve balance and lose weight (read about yoga and weight loss here), but it’s amazing for relieving stress, as well. There is yoga for stress relief, yoga for people with disabilities, and even yoga for senior citizens. One thing that people may have never considered is that yoga may be very beneficial for children, as well.

Your Bendy Yoga Bendy BabyMum and son practicing yoga

Here are just some of the benefits of yoga for kids:

  • Flexibility – children are naturally more flexible than most adults, but yoga increases their flexibility even more.
  • Strength – kids often enjoy greatly improved strength as a result of regular yoga sessions.
  • Concentration – yoga can significantly improve a child’s ability to concentrate. This can help them to earn better grades in school, and assist them with retaining more material.
  • Relaxation – yoga induces calmness and relaxation in children. This can be especially helpful for children with ADHD, or other hyperactivity issues. It can also help to improve anxiety and depression in children.

According to ABC News, (read report here). yoga for children is becoming more and more popular. Although yoga is becoming more popular in all areas, New York and California have seen a significant rise in popularity lately. Parents are realizing the many benefits of yoga and how their children’s lives can be enhanced by regularly performing it. This has caused increasing amounts of classes to become available in New York, California, and many other areas, as well.

A Parent’s Choice

Obviously yoga has been proven to be good for children in many ways, despite the fact that it has faced some controversy. If you are a parent, then you might seriously want to consider enrolling your children in a class. If there are no classes available where you live, then there are plenty of videos and even interactive games that can teach your children yoga. In fact, you can choose to do yoga with your children, which will encourage a greater closeness, in addition to allowing you to reap the benefits of yoga while your children do the same.


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